How To Use & Customize Bar Chart Widget

Bar Chart Widget use to perform a comparison of metric values across different subgroups of your data. From a bar chart, we can see which groups are highest or most common, and how other groups compare against the others.

follow the step by step instructions:

Step 1: Use Bar Chart

  • Go to Menu Romethemekit, and you will be able to see the Bar Chart Widget.
  • Click Add New Container.
  • On the canvas, select your structure.
  • Drag the widget from the Elementor and Drop it on the selected area.
  • Showing Bar Chart.
  • Click Edit Container.
  • You can change Bar Chart size in the width column.

Step 2: Customize Bar Chart


  • Click Bar Chart.
  • The Content section allows you to Edit and Add chart label.


  • Select Menu Style  click Bar.
  • You can setting border radius, border width, and border color.
  • Select Menu Style  click Scale.
  • Setting scale x and scale y like the picture below.
  • You can customize font size, color and font size.
  • Select Menu Style  click Legend.
  • You can customize font size, color, position and font size.