Graphic Design Trends 2023

Design trends, styles, and techniques are constantly changing as the graphic design industry evolves. So, with the new year just around the corner, which graphic design trends will dominate design in 2023? We predict 2023 graphic design trends will feature creativity, futurism, and boldness. There will be an increased focus on simple and stripped-down designs, […]

Free Illustration Resource

Illustrations and icons never go away in graphic design. Each designer has their own characteristics in their designs, as well as the illustrations they use. The illustration itself has various types in its use to explain an idea without the need for words. We previously wrote an article about the types of illustrations. However, using […]

9 Best Graphic Design Software

Every designer has the most suitable software that he uses in his work. Of course, it’s to adjust the design style, needs, media, and also the wishes of the client. In choosing the software, of course, designers have complexity because of the many software available and there is always the latest design software found. Maybe […]

The 9 Types of Graphic Design

Each has different skills and specializations that can help customers better achieve their goals. The existence of different customer goals affects the types of graphic designers available. For that, it is very important to know the types of graphic designers out there because we are not all the same. Although Graphic Design has many different […]

Do’s and Don’ts While Applying Illustrations in Your Design

Using illustrations in a design is something that is usually done by a designer. The goals vary, whether it’s to describe a situation, convey a message visually or provide audience appeal. However, the selection and use of illustrations must be correct so as not to damage the designs you create. Here are some do’s and […]

5 Popular Graphic Design Styles

Before starting to create a new project, of course you have to find out first the type of visual style that you will display in your project. Of course, you face confusion, but remember to always be diligent in looking for references from other designers so that you find new ideas. There are the 5 […]

Illustrations and Types of Illustrations

An illustration is a visualization created by an artist. This is a picture that explains something. Illustrations don’t have to be drawn, anything that can visualize a message can be called an illustration, whether it’s a photo, painting, or engraving. So if your image doesn’t explain something, it’s a work of art, not an illustration. […]

The Difference Between Drawing and Illustration

In conveying messages, information, feelings, and knowledge, we communicate so that it can be conveyed to those we want. But sometimes the communication that we often use in oral form has a lack of clarity in conveying the message. Therefore, people also often use visual communication in conveying messages, information, feelings, and knowledge so that […]

How to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day became a new ceremony for some people. When mothers are more privileged with Mother’s Day, some people sometimes forget that the role of fathers in their lives is also very valuable. Fathers often do not show direct concern for their children. Therefore, people often think that fathers are ignorant parents. The father’s role […]

10 Stunning Illustration To Complete Your Projects

Stunning designs are usually seen in terms of photos, colors, layouts, fonts, and colors. Today’s design templates not only use real pictures as a depiction of objects in a flyer or poster. The illustration in your ear must be familiar. Especially the icons used in a design work. Illustration is included in the grapich of […]