Popular Basic Styles & Sub-styles for Icons

Icon styles make up a big part of visual content – ​​they work on a variety of interfaces to communicate ideas, objects, or actions. Not only does it enhance the overall design, but it can also provide end users with greater clarity, readability, and personality when navigating a website, or understanding items such as signage. […]

7 Fundamentals Of Icon Design

Digital marketing requires a good amount of visuals such as infographics, website branding, and various other visual content. To achieve this, you must implement attraction marketing, which requires branding your business in a friendly and personal way. This marketing approach requires a professional yet personal icon set to be used in various applications. The icons […]

20 Typography Rules You Should Know If You’re a Designer

Typography is one of the most important and satisfying components of graphic design. Regardless of how experienced you are as a designer, it’s always worthwhile to recharge your mind on typographic principles. Try to learn certain things like the origin of certain fonts or typographic structures as these can enrich the meaning of your designs. […]

Do’s and Don’ts While Applying Illustrations in Your Design

Using illustrations in a design is something that is usually done by a designer. The goals vary, whether it’s to describe a situation, convey a message visually or provide audience appeal. However, the selection and use of illustrations must be correct so as not to damage the designs you create. Here are some do’s and […]

Top 3 Visual Trends of 2021

Heading into the new year 2022, we are looking for some articles that present the top trends in 2021 based on the many projects that have been shared on their website. One of them is Behance who shares the top 3 visual trends in 2021 in his article. Here we summarize the top 3 visual […]

What is Needed in Minimalist Web Design?

Minimalist design uses only one or two colors that are not too many layers or patterns so that the elements displayed do not disturb the eyes of the reader and easily convey the message. Minimalism can make your website look smart, intelligent, modern, effortless, and capable of achieving much more with less. Therefore, here are […]