Top 3 Visual Trends of 2021

Heading into the new year 2022, we are looking for some articles that present the top trends in 2021 based on the many projects that have been shared on their website. One of them is Behance who shares the top 3 visual trends in 2021 in his article. Here we summarize the top 3 visual trends in 2021.

Trend #1: Tangerine Orange

In the first position, Behance puts the tangerine orange color as the most preferred trend. Tangerine orange is a bright and bold color that demands our attention and embodies hope for the future.

“The bright orange color is inspired by the beautiful color of the oil itself,” explains designer Marina Veziko of the cosmetic branding and packaging design for Pauli & Sisters. “This particular tone goes well with a lot of colors, so it’s pretty easy to make great color combinations with it, from neon greens to soothing complementary blues.” Marina deliberately chose this strong and vibrant color to avoid the usual earthy tones that are expected to be seen in typical organic cosmetic brands.

Illustrator Eduardo da Floresta was also drawn to Tangerine Orange for its versatility. In the Collision series, he uses a combination of orange, purple, and green as his main color palette. “This orange has such a good balance of dark and light that it’s easy for me to work with. It really transmits the feeling of a sci-fi atmosphere when mixed with purple, like from another universe. I find this orange nostalgic and futuristic.”

Trend #2: Voluminous Forms

The trend number 2 chosen by Behance is the incorporation of many rounded shapes. This design trend is in creative designs ranging from 3D and illustrations. This form is felt to be able to give a feeling of warmth and welcome.

“For me, it is about having fun and relaxing, and I consider adorable rounded forms the best way to express fun and relaxation,” says designer Valentina Zigangirova. Valentina found inspiration for her packaging design from the malleability of clay: “I wanted graphics in this project to reflect properties of clay, the process of sculpting, some atmosphere of this all.”

Trend #3: Friendly Faces

This friendly faces trend will be more common in branding, identity, and packaging designs in 2021. These friendly and often humorous faces bring warmth, intimacy, and comfort in uncertain times.

“Cute faces can communicate the brand’s character and make products look fun and friendly,” says Sorawit Opapongphun of Itemmm Studio. When creating the branding and packaging design for donut company Pan-Pan, Sorawit opted for a rounded character that mimicked the shape of the fried dough but expressed in the style of vintage Japanese Manga like Astro Boy and Doraemon.

Part of his design process for Pan-Pan was balancing the branding elements to ensure that the final design looked polished and not overly cartoonish. “In my opinion, cute designs alone are not enough. The design must also be unique, eye-catching, and link with the product to communicate the brand’s concept instantly to the customer.”

Those are the top 3 visual trends for 2021 by Behance based on the projects that have been shared on their website. Although the three trends above are mostly found throughout 2021, there’s nothing wrong with trying from now on. It’s never too late to try.

Source: Behance Blog

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