Attractive Business Card Trend 2022

The business card as we know it is not just a card that displays information about who we are but is a portable advertisement that invites readers to act according to what you want for your business. Therefore, improving your business card design means increasing your business as well.

1. Cards that speak for you

In the past, business cards were known as identification cards for someone who looked stiff and assertive, but now business cards look more chatty. This may be due in part to a larger trend toward personalized interactions or a preference for casual communication.

Even the formal industry can use their business card designs to bring out a more human side, with the on-card text that sounds like casual chat. The idea is to appear friendly and engaging by including text that sounds like a private conversation.

Don’t forget to use the font that best matches the tone you want.

2. Anti-cards

In general, we see a lot of old traditions being challenged in recent times, and such a broad movement tends to seep into graphic design, even business card trends.

The existence of opposition to the old tradition is nothing but a show of creativity. When it comes to business card designs, they usually involve some kind of visual pun related to the person’s industry, incorporating self-referencing Jokes and all other meta-humor is more popular than ever, especially among young people.

Having an element of absurdity inherent in a business card is a great way to connect with a forward-thinking audience and prove your authenticity. At the very least, you stand out from the more rigid and humorless business cards out there.

3. Read between the elements

If you like how anti-cards break the rules but still want something more serious and professional, another big 2022 business card trend is blending design elements with text elements.

This trend is perfect for giving your cards a visual pizzazz that makes them easier to remember, but without going too far from the center.

4. Wrapped around your little card

lately, this business card trend is more often used, although it is not a new trend. This design looks like it wraps the image on the back and front of the card as if being poured from one side to the next. This makes the cards feel more interactive and interesting when someone flips them in their hand.

The cut-off visuals come across as edgy and modern too, giving the whole look an extra sophistication. The best part is that it works just as well as any serious and fun brand.

5. Modern-day modernism

The modernist design style of the mid-1900s is making a comeback, even if you stop to think about it, design elements are perfect for business cards: eye-catching, good to read, easy to remember, and easy to compress.

The elements of modernism we see in business card trends this year involve primary colors, basic shapes like circles and triangles, and tight grids. Last but not least, this style is renowned for its bold sans serif font, which translates perfectly to pocket-sized cards.

6. Pattern extensions

Simultaneously nostalgic and modern, line art has an inherent uneasiness to it, especially being erratic and chaotic against a black background. More traditional businesses can dampen this effect by using curves, such as the Monochromatic Institute example, or bright colors, such as Kevin Craft’s example, below.

7. Softie styles glow up

Originally created in a softie style, these fonts are mostly in this year with some aesthetic modifications and their ultra-bright coloring.

The first glaring difference between bubble letters then and now is that the current iteration is much softer. Today’s softie styles have more straight lines and sharp corners than their ’70s forebears, perhaps inspired by the bold and bold fonts of the minimalist movement of the 2010s.

However, bold typefaces stand out as much now as they used to, highlighting keywords and aiding legibility on small-scale cards.

8. Turn up the contrast

The high contrast trend underpins many other trends, emphasizing their strong points and reducing their weaknesses. In other words, this is a great trend to combine with other business card trends. Many of the cards you see will take on a black background and add vibrant colors that thrive. But to take full advantage of this trend, you can also vary the size of the elements, especially the typography. Pairing uppercase with lowercase creates a dynamic effect that makes your card look more appealing, and also lets you influence how readers interpret your brand by emphasizing certain words over others.

While business cards are to make it easier for people to contact you, they can do so much more. As a branding tool, your business card can have a lasting effect on what people think of you, especially if it is your first impression.

You don’t have to always incorporate the latest business card trends for your business cards. The key is to choose only trends that you and your brand identity with. Are you a retro-techno type of line art brand, or maybe a bright, bubbly typeface brand? The design choices you make on your business card signify what kind of person you are, so choose carefully.


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