Some Universal Design Principles You Should Know

We present some universal design principles you need to know. The source of our article is from bazen.talks on Dribbble. Not much, but I think you should understand this before creating your design.


Everything you design should be displayed in a way that tells how to use it

Don’t let the user or audience of your design have to guess at the intent or message in your design. That’s very bad. They will ignore your design and of course, your work will be in vain. What you can probably do is rule out the possibility of abuse by making it clear what’s interactive and what isn’t.

Consistency in style & appearance

Recognition and reinforce a unique identity.

Consistency improves existing knowledge which reduces the difficulty of how things work

It is very important that when a user uses something once, he knows what to do next time. They have put your position in their minds without us even trying. They remember your identity. And it benefits you.

It becomes something that is not right if they have to learn from scratch every time. It would disgust them. Your design or message will be ignored.

How using people in pictures affects the perception of design

The user pays attention to the personality and emotions that people express in the images.

When the image is focused on a face or when the image shows the whole image, it will convey a different message.

The images you use carry a message and influence the user’s perception of what you want to present. and therefore it is important to be careful with the selection.

Background effect to highlight important elements

It often happens that designers get carried away in the implementation of their ideas. and thus unknowingly confuse the user.

So, it’s important to clearly separate what is and isn’t important in the message in your design. it could be a button that needs to be clicked or a title that needs to be highlighted. Don’t confuse users so they don’t quickly walk away from your design.

Source: bazen.talks

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