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A designer will do this every time before starting his work: look for design inspiration in design centers such as Behance, Dribbble, Twibfy, or Pinterest.

That’s not wrong, but try every now and then a new way to find design inspiration that doesn’t always have to look at other people’s designs. Here’s a list of some of the things you can do to find design inspiration.

The Accidental Muses

It very often happens that design inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places that have absolutely nothing to do with design. If you’re stuck in an inspiration drought, what you may need is a different approach to seeking inspiration by temporarily distancing yourself from your work and engaging in some other form of creativity-stimulating activity.

Go out for a walk or a run.

Physical movement helps stimulate your neurons and let your creativity flow. Steve Jobs was a walking meeting advocate and indeed, he was a creative genius. Walking helps you take your mind off dead-end problems. As you walk, you may be lost in thought and maybe you are not observing your surroundings but your mind and body are noting changes in sensory stimulation, and design inspiration may hit you in the most unexpected way, from the most unexpected source.

Music Covers

Or if you’re afraid your neighbors will try to get you kicked out afterward, do a lip-syncing exercise in front of your bathroom mirror. Go outside and jump around. Get that air guitar swag out. Try and see if you can do more facial expressions than Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. What does this have to do with design? Not much, really. But music and theater performances are creative activities that can provide great design inspiration.

Music is a place that often does a lot of design things you wouldn’t normally try visually and can be a great place to get inspiration.

Did you get your annual Spotify custom remix playlist? Browsing music covers or even visiting artist websites can help boost creativity.

Travel (Even a Staycation)

When you’re really stuck, the best medicine may be around for a while. pleasure.

From a world trip to a few hours exploring your community, getting out and behaving like a tourist can help you see and feel new things. This is the place where inspiration begins.


It’s hard not to walk in and out of a museum without feeling a little inspired. Many cities have plenty to choose from – from small museums to large-scale landmarks.

Take a few hours away from the computer and immerse yourself in new art or learning to help start a new mindset. You might just take a few elements of art and use them in a work project.

Consignment or Antique Shops

What is true in other elements of life also holds true in design: Everything old becomes new again.

Browse through a collection of old items at a consignment or antique shop can be very inspiring.

How can you recreate a technique that looks like a thing of the past?

What did you find that seemed like part of the current trend with a touch of old?

The trick to finding inspiration in these places is to think with a critical eye and really reflect on what you see and what about the things, elements, or passages that interest you.

Home Improvement Stores

Go into your local home improvement store and go to the back where they store all the flooring and tiles and wallpaper. Check the colors and textures and patterns there.

Neighborhood Walk

Sometimes when you go sightseeing, you are on a mission. You try to exercise or get the dog to do his job.

But go walk through the neighborhood and erase everything from your mind. Look for details around you or things you don’t pay attention to. Think of it as an environmental hunt.


Each season provides a new opportunity to find inspiration in nature.

From color to texture, there’s something you can pick up and use in a project. Just step outside and absorb it.

You don’t always have to explore a design provider’s website or imitate an existing design to remix it. Do the activities above so that you get ideas and inspiration for new designs that are fresher and more original.


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