Best Fonts for Posters 2022

It is a little difficult to generalize the design for a poster because there are so many types of posters that there are so many design standards. The poster you make for a business meeting will certainly be different from the poster design you make for a beach party, starting from the color, layout and more importantly, the font used.

Fonts as we know have various shapes and sizes, so you have to be better at choosing them in a poster design in order to make your poster look attractive.

In this article, we try to provide some recommended fonts that you can use for your posters covering all categories of poster design and include formal and casual fonts that you can use to design titles, headers, and text for various types of posters.

Gulam Kingdoom

MBF Edge


Floreste – Modern Serif

Andreas – A Condensed Sans Serif Font YR

Chelsy – Cute Font Sans

Vicenza – Elegant Serif

OBRAZEC – Free Industrial Sans Serif


Rhinos Rocks Brush Font

The Ancient – Medieval Sans Typeface

Free Bacoter Brush Font

Hallowen Typeface

We hope this article has inspired you in choosing your next poster design font.


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