15+ Best Hand Lettering & Handwriting Fonts for Your Design

Fonts play an important role in every design. Cursive and script fonts are nothing new but are a less common choice for many designers. Therefore, you can use this opportunity in your project so that you can give the impression of originality to your design.

But keep in mind the following aspects before choosing a cursive font for your design:

  • Natural flow of letters is the main characteristic of a good handwritten font that makes it stand out from the rest. If the characters intertwine with each other in a way that flows creatively, then the font you’ve chosen is absolutely stunning.
  • As these are handcrafted font designs, each has its own unique style of lettering design. And each character must be different from the others. Do not let you choose a font that has the same design as other fonts.
  • You will find handwritten fonts with vintage, girly, modern, calligraphic, and many design styles. People are starting to create fonts based on customizable themes, therefore Choose a font theme that suits your project.
  • Another important thing to remember when looking for handwritten fonts is to find fonts that can be paired, whether it’s between large headings, subtitles or paragraphs. You have to be really careful in combining the fonts that you will use so that they don’t look weird.
  • Find fonts that anyone can read effortlessly. Sometimes cursive fonts are a little difficult for readers because of their style. Therefore use cursive fonts properly in your designs.

We created this article for you so that you can see some of the most beautiful and modern lists of cursive fonts that you can use for your various types of designs.

1. Redpaws

2. Krispylottus

3. Southeast Better

4. Tokyo Street

5. Sattersoon

6. Nathan

7. Northville

8. Lovestrong

9. Steelmond

10. Geraldine

11. Shadowy

12. Rattem Hullax

13. Red Bright

14. Ematodas

15. Bakerie

16. Leviafan

17. Tristan

18. Rogan Winters

19. Polkawars

20. Oston

Source: designshack.net

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