Best 10 Font Scrip To Add On Your Wedding Invitation

With a good font script, you’ll attract more wedding invitation. Who doesn’t want that? How can you make a stunning project? enjoy, At Rometheme, you can! 

Who doesn’t know of the best font on the wedding invitation? Fonts of this type usually used on invitations, headings for announcements or advertising. They’re rarely used on the web as a body text and work best when used for their intended purposes. If you’re thinking what ideas of wedding font invitations, or custom the font on your wedding invitation cards, the trick is all about finding the right font.  There’re many font available on the Internet and it’s just teribble to check all of them and choose one, especially under a lot of express during the wedding planning. That’s why i listed top 10 fonts for your custom wedding invitations. Check all at the below and download them to start design your wedding invites.

1. Almahira Script Font

This’s it! Almahira is the first recommended font. It’s certain from the start when you see a given style that is romantic to complement your customer’s wedding project. Run, you’ll love this cool font on your font wedding invitation colection.

2. Lovestrong – Script Font

Other than beautiful colors, the writing on an invitation is worth thinking about. The harmony of the two supports the creation of good and stunning work. You also use this font with shadow flower for best combination.

3. Brendria – Signature Font

A modern signature font designed by Yahdi Romelo. Brendria is the best script font on your wedding design invitation. With a font that gives deep meaning, it also seems suitable for quotes and pictures displays.

4. Shady Cave – Script Font

The curves of the script font give a bold but beautiful impression. Even though it seems bold, it’s perfected with a loving touch. It’s cute and swirly and works great for holiday designs or birthday invitations. 

5. Congealed – Signature Font

Thin script fonts are very suitable when placed on designs related to the bond of love. These amazing wedding invitation is a clean and professional modern script font. You will love using it for ads, logos, branding and social media. Packed beautifully in the event valentines too.

6. Danielle Signature – Handwritten Font

Font touch by human fingers look like artsy font. So unique and memorable design. This font can be used in simple hairline form or with interesting ligatures. A great font for logos, headers and quote graphics.

7. The Morgan – Signature Script Font

You find great font script for your wedding souvenir? The morgan is the right font for you. The morgan is clean and look like aesthetic script font. Feel free for your casual logo and branding.

8. Veronica – Signature Script Font

Veronica will look better when written kind words such as prayers and wedding wishes. It’s also a great idea for invited guests who want to give a gift of pictures along with writing.

9. Thequilla – Monoline Script Font

When it comes to unique monoline script fonts. Try Thequilla font if you’re after a font with a retro, vintage vibes. Thequilla is a great choise. It also looks great on mugs and cards.  There are also symbol and number what you need.

10. Silly Goose – Handwritten Font

The Silly Goose is a handwitten script font. These font has a lot of personality and would be a great choice for a branding project or wedding invitations. Go ahead and grab it for your next project.

Your invitation wedding designs aren’t complete without the perfect font! Find more amazing script styles in our script font collection on Rometheme.

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