5 Tips for Interesting Black Friday Design

Black Friday is always awaited every entering the month of November. Business people are competing to promote their products by providing the best offers for buyers. Likewise, we as buyers are really waiting for this event to get the product we want with the best offer from the seller.

In this case, sellers must be able to provide good information about their product offerings to buyers by choosing the right, attractive and clear design. For that, if you are a designer, you must be able to create a black Friday sale design that is able to represent your client. In this article, we provide 5 practical tips that will help you optimize your resources and get more design orders.

1. Color palette

For those of you who love black, this is the right time to apply your favorite color to the black Friday sale design. You can combine black with red, yellow, gold, or white. The color palette is so synonymous with black Friday deals, people easily recognize it as a black Friday offer design.

2. Be bold

Sellers often use Black Friday to sell more of their products. For that, don’t be afraid to choose a design with a bold image. Likewise, fonts that are large and easy to read are preferred. Sans serif fonts have also proven to be quite good in black Friday designs as they are easier to read, clearly visible, and effective in conveying the offer in the design.

3. Keep it simple

Avoid adding too many details. A lot of information can destroy communication. Opt for simplicity and make sure the message is clear, concise, and direct. Keep in mind that the intention of the Black Friday resource is to persuade users.
Messages should be arranged hierarchically. Focus on the main idea, which is Black Friday, and make it the center of the composition. The reason is clear: Black Friday repents. You can also emphasize the fact that this is a limited offer that lasts only one day.

4. Mind the composition

Black Friday compositions are usually symmetrical and include framed text. Framing text serves as a visual support and directs attention to what you want to emphasize. So that readers will only focus on the offer you provide and understand the content of the message quickly. Maintain a clear composition for successful communication.

5. Go original

You can always go wild and add quirky touches to create amazing resources that stand out from the rest. Explore different effects (neon, watercolor smudges, geometric shapes, stickers, paper effects, etc.) or even play around with colors.

Or do you want a black Friday design with a cheerful and brighter color? You can do that.

Creating a black Friday design is the key is to be attractive, be it in terms of fonts, images, or colors.

Source: freepik.com

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