5 Steps to Do Before Hiring a Website Designer

In today’s day and age, in business, you need to promote, communicate or open an online store to reach more customers by creating your own website. Of course, you should meet a web designer and work with him. There are many web designers you can find. But the more choices will also make it difficult for you to determine the best for your criteria. For that, before choosing a web designer, there are several steps that you must understand before choosing one. Among others are:

Step 1

What kind of concept do you want? What web style do you want? Of course, you must know the type and style of the web you want for your business.

A web designer, of course, must get a picture of your own for them to develop according to their abilities. Some of the things you should prepare are:

  1. The purpose and reason you created the website.
  2. Your audience and target market
  3. The time and price you can give to the web designer later
  4. What is the image of the website you want? You can make your own pattern
  5. Logo and branding, as well as the font and color scheme you want.
  6. A copy of the website you want. (copywriting)
  7. Images or videos. You can ask a web designer to find it for you, but you have to pay for some licenses. Or if you want to use your own images or videos, try to have good image quality.
  8. References from other websites. This will make it easier for web designers to describe the web design you want
  9. Know the file types required by web designers.

Step 2

In creating a website you may need several people with different skills. Not just a web designer. You need at least 2 people, namely a web designer and a web developer. A web designer in charge of visualizing the criteria that you provide to then be given to a web developer and developed into a site.

A web designer will usually create two versions of the design, namely for desktop and mobile. But if you also want to improve the mobile version you should consider hiring a UX designer.

In addition, you should also consider this, is the work of this website temporary or will it last a long time? That way you can decide whether to look for a local designer or remotely.

Step 3

After that, you should also have a lot of network designer resources. Like some sources you can get:

  1. Referrals from colleagues. You can contact them to ask for referrals to designers they may have used their services for.
  2. Freelance websites. A global online community platform specifically designed to give materials and clients a place to meet and get work done.
  3. Professional networking sites. You can use sites like LinkedIn to find candidates and then you can choose according to your criteria.
  4. Recruitment agency. Here you use the services of other parties to find candidates that match the material you have provided. Usually, a fee will be charged for the candidate you hire.
  5. Web design company. As the name implies, this company provides all types of design services you need in one door. Their team will work professionally, from consulting, design creation to design development.

Step 4

When choosing a designer, you should take a good look at their portfolio. Is what they do consistent, have they previously worked on the same project as the website you want, or does their design style match and match the business you have?

Then you can communicate your project to the candidate, whether in this communication the candidate shows interest, enthusiasm or they seem unable to do it. In this process, you can also assess their professionalism.

Step 5

The final stage is to match the schedule and costs between you and the candidate. This will determine whether you will hire them or not. At this stage, you should also know the terms and conditions, such as employment contracts. Unexpected things that happen or agreements that may be broken should be discussed at this stage. Lastly is how you want it to work, and what copyright terms you get from the designer.

Now determine the options and criteria you want for your business website. Choose a really good web designer and establish professional communication and cooperation.
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Source: 99design.com

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