10 Rainbow Color Palettes That Will be Coloring Your Designs

1. Classic

Like the arrangement of the rainbow we know, this color consists of red, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

2. Neon

3. Retro

It’s perfect for summer branding projects or vintage illustrations.

4. Iridescent

This palette is a soft and subtle rainbow scheme. These colors look especially effective when blended into a gradient design, and can give a dream-like effect to packaging, stationery, or social media posts.

5. Modernist

6. TV

This palette is inspired by the TV-friendly colors that characterized the 1980s style.

7. Sunset

This sunset-inspired mix combines cool and warm tones, but the colors are deeper and richer.

8. Pastel

A rainbow of pastel tones combines a plain, nostalgic atmosphere with the upbeat personality of a colorful palette.

9. Getaway

This palette will make a cheerful scheme for any tourism business, cafe, or holiday.

10. Tropical

The tropical rainbow scheme incorporates more tones of green and jade, with sharp bursts of yellow and red, mimicking the vibrant colors of a bird of paradise. This palette is perfect for summer and soothing.

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