Try Using Vintage Designs for Your Projects

The Vintage Message Vintage design techniques can give a unique feel if we can use them in the right way. However, some designers do not want to use vintage design techniques because they feel old or outdated. Meanwhile, there are also some designers who are trying to embrace it in a new way to be […]

Calligraphy, Hand-lettering, and Typography, What’s the Difference?

With the advent of fonts available online these days, the distinction between handwriting, calligraphy, and typography has become a bit more obliterated, in fact, they almost look the same. A simple way to define the difference between them is that calligraphy is a style of writing, handwriting is an illustrative art, and typography is a […]

10 Basic Elements of Design

Besides having to follow trends, the designs that we make must also have meaning to be conveyed, but it also cannot be separated from the basic elements that make up the design. 1. Line The first and most basic design element is the line. In drawing, a line is the stroke of a pen or […]