Reasons You Need to Be Using Landing Pages

This is the end of the landing page. We will give you 7 reasons why you should use landing pages to promote your business.

1. Drive Conversions by Sending Visitors to the Right Place

Landing pages provide a level of specificity that helps people find what they are looking for. These pages are often shorter than many other pages on your website with main image and text blocks, actionable elements, and supporting evidence. The page fits into the “shell” of your website, often with the same head and feet as other pages so that it looks consistent to users.

2. Collect Actionable Information

In addition to conversions, landing pages can help you gather usable and actionable data about website visitors, such as:

  • Demographic information
  • Reference sources
  • Interest in offer
  • Conversion rate (interest)
  • Conversion information

3. Design Pages for Action

Another key benefit is that if you have some data about your best audience or customer segments, you can design hyper-targeted campaigns that speak to these people specifically. Design the page with the right image, language, and offering for that target audience. if you have many and varied audiences for the same product or service, create multiple landing pages with imagery and language or offerings to suit each audience.

4. They Feel Personalized

Due to the nature of digital targeting, a well-done landing page can feel personalized in a way that other pages on your website may not. You want users to feel that the page is made just for them.

Once you direct the user to the page, maintain a personalized feel through the design elements:

  • Consider a different button color or a color palette that appeals to the audience
  • Keep the form short and ask for as little information as possible
  • Add videos or photos that connect directly with user segments

5. Focused Messaging

A focused message on a landing page is often broken down into a simple formula with four elements. This can be especially important for websites or brands that offer similar products or services to different types of people or different products and services.

This page usually contains:

  • Value proposition (with image/video and text)
  • Direct call to action (repeated frequently on the page)
  • Benefits to support the value proposition
  • Social proof like testimonials, reviews or “tickers” showing sales, subscriptions, etc.

6. Understand What Visitors Want

Landing pages can be an invaluable source of business intelligence.

  • Collect new leads
  • Track conversions and repeat visitors
  • Identify a more focused audience segment
  • Better understand user behavior and actions
  • Create more focused and targeted key converter user personas

By doing the steps above, you can find out what visitors are looking for on your website so you can fulfill their wishes without having to make them work more searching on your site.

7. Provide a Place for Marketing Offers to “Live”

As you build a collection of pages, you can use them over time with different campaigns to drive traffic for your business. like during the holidays you create a holiday-themed landing page. then

Adjust your landing page campaign to the current time. Say you created a landing page campaign during the holidays, then you could revise that holiday page every year and use the same landing page to drive traffic over time.

After reading this article, consider properly using landing pages to promote your business and get new customers.


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