10+ Fonts Similar to Calibri

Calibri was born in the late 2000s. Users see this font as a replacement for the old default fonts such as times new roman and Arial in Microsoft applications. However, if you are confused about which Arial vs Calibri to use, the judges may still have doubts about it.

Calibri’s influence is evident in many other typefaces. It has a soft rounded edge that provides versatile neutrality. It also looks great in a variety of sizes; try this font for your body copy, but it also works great in interesting places.

So, what fonts are similar to Calibri? The font closest to Calibri definitely has a modern influence. Here’s a good example of some of the features Calibri may have popularized. Notice how it makes for a very classy aesthetic in the design of this pack.

Prefer duo fonts? When working with a sans serif font similar to Calibri, consider pairing it with a bold display font or something catchy.

In this article, we will compile some fonts similar to Calibri. When considering what fonts are similar to Calibri, consider a clean, modern aesthetic that doesn’t have to be too geometric. Remember to consider what aspect of Calibri suits you best.

1. Stickler: Modern Typeface + WebFont

2. Carino: A Modern Elegant Typeface

3. Clarity Nuvo: Clean & Modern Sans-Serif Typeface

4. Grafic Simple and Clean Sans Serif Typeface

5. Rockyeah Sans Serif Font

6. Asure All Caps Sans Serif Typeface

7. Autogate Sans Serif Font

8. Gabriella: Modern Typeface + WebFonts

9. Liber Sans Serif Typeface

10. Hando Clean Sans Serif Typeface

11. Abside Sans Serif Font

12. GROTESKA: Minimal & Modern Sans-Serif Typeface

13. EB Corp Clean Sans Serif Font

14. Boilover Unique & Minimal Typeface

15. Ardent Modern Sans Serif Font Family

16. Bergen Text Sleek Sans Serif Font

17. Lynsic Cisnyl: Sans Serif Font YR

18. Ignazio Clean Sans Serif Font

Choose a font similar to Calibri above that you can use for your design. Pay attention to the aspects that suit you too.

Source: design.tutsplus.com

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