Web Design Principles Designers Should Know

If you are a novice web designer, it will take you a lifetime to master the aesthetic principles of a web. But by looking at some of the web design principles below you don’t have to worry anymore about being able to create good-looking pages. 1. Visual hierarchy determines what people notice first (and last) […]

C.R.A.P Principle: To Make the Design Look Better.

Did you know there is one method you can use to make your designs better and more pleasing to the eye? Namely the c.r.a.p method. C.R.A.P is one of the design principles that designers often use to make their designs better, this design principle was created by a non-designer named Robin Williams. C.R.A.P stands for […]

Some Universal Design Principles You Should Know

We present some universal design principles you need to know. The source of our article is from bazen.talks on Dribbble. Not much, but I think you should understand this before creating your design. Affordance Everything you design should be displayed in a way that tells how to use it Don’t let the user or audience […]