Most Influential Designer Figures in the History of Design (Part 2).

Still looking for an influential figure in design who might provide design inspiration? Here we provide 5 more names of influential designers throughout history. 6. Massimo Vignelli The popular designer behind the New York City subway map. He is an Italian designer who works in a number of fields, including packaging, home appliances, furniture, public […]

Most Influential Designer Figures in the History of Design.

Many prominent designers have contributed to the evolution of the graphic design industry over time. Some of them are typographers, magazine and album cover designers, and political poster artists who have left their mark on the world. There are hundreds of graphic designers worldwide. These graphic designers are all experts in various fields and categories, […]

The origins of symbols that are often used in everyday life. Did you already know?

1. & (the ampersand) “The ampersand is all about togetherness. Think partnership, ties, and wedding rings”. Created by the Ancient Romans, the ampersand made its debut on the walls in Pompeii. It began as a representation of the Latin word et, which translates to “and.” But this symbol is difficult to write. It wasn’t until […]